Inserting files into requirement artifacts

You can insert artifacts from your project or your file system into an artifact. You can insert any type of file into an artifact. If you insert a file that has preview support, an inline preview of the file contents is shown, which you can also view in full screen mode. If you insert a file that does not have preview support, a thumbnail is shown.

Before you begin

The file types that are supported for preview include Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Visio files, and image files. For a complete list of files that have preview support, see the wiki. The wiki also contains information about font display issues with international characters.

About this task

When you upload and insert any kind of file from your file system, the contents of the file are not imported and the file is not changed. The upload process creates a resource artifact that contains the uploaded file.

If you insert a preview-supported file, you can complete these tasks:
  • Preview the file in full screen mode
  • Download the file for viewing
  • Download and lock the file for editing
  • Create links from the file
  • Upload a new version of the file
  • Convert the contents of the file into a rich-text artifact
  • Extract artifacts from textual elements in the file
Note: If a processing option is not supported for the file that you are uploading, the option is unavailable. For example, if you insert a PDF file and then open it, the option to extract artifacts is unavailable.


Complete one of these steps:
  • To insert an artifact into another artifact, open the artifact that you want to insert into and click Edit. From the toolbar, click the Insert Artifact icon. In the window that opens, select the artifact to insert.
  • To insert an external file into an artifact, open the artifact and click Edit. From the toolbar, click the Insert Artifact icon. In the window that opens, click Upload a new artifact. Browse to the file to insert and then enter information about the uploaded file.
  • Drag one or more files from the desktop to an artifact.
    Restriction: Dragging artifacts to artifacts is not currently supported in Internet Explorer.