Exporting artifacts from modules to CSV and spreadsheet files

You can export the artifacts from a module to a CSV file or a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel (XLS) and Office Open XML (XLSX) format.

About this task

You can export artifacts from a module in two ways:
  • Export a module view. When you export a module view, you can customize the attributes and link types in the view before you export the artifacts.
  • Export one or more artifacts from within a module.

Exports to CSV and spreadsheet formats now include special markup for links and embedded artifacts. This markup can be used to retain or create links and embedded artifacts if the file imported later. You can export links by including a link column in the view. Links, images, or embedded artifacts can also be present in the primary text of the requirement, which can be shown in the view and exported.


What to do next

For information about the fields that are included in an exported CSV file, see Export process for CSV and spreadsheet files.

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