Deleting artifacts from the repository

You can permanently delete artifacts from a Requirements Management (RM) application repository by using the Delete from Repository feature. Use this procedure to delete sensitive data or to resolve a data spill.

Before you begin

Warning: This feature is intended only as a mechanism to carefully and permanently delete sensitive data from a repository, and should not be used for reducing database size or deleting general resources.
To enable this feature, you must meet the following conditions:
  • Use version 6.0.2 or later.
  • Have the JazzAdmins permission.
  • Set the data.purge.enabled advanced property to true.
  • Set the dump.dir advanced property to an absolute file system path.
  • Have access to the RM application server file system.

About this task

Typically, when you delete an artifact from an RM project, the artifact is removed from the project and is archived in the repository. However, if you have sensitive data that you want to permanently delete from the repository, you can use the Delete from Repository feature to accomplish this task.

The Delete from Repository process includes three main steps.
  1. Identify the artifacts to delete. You can use the Export Data Dump option to export resources to the file system where you can analyze them for sensitive data. You can choose to export the entire contents of a storage area or only a subset. You search through these exported files to identify which resources contain sensitive information. The result of this search creates a list of URLs for the versions that require deleting.
  2. Create a linefeed-separated or comma-separated list of version URLs for the system to delete.
  3. After the system deletes the specified version URLs and their history, you verify that all the sensitive data was purged from the repository. To do this, you export the data to the file system again, repeat the search for sensitive data, and then delete all the files that were exported.
For a more information and instructions for deleting sensitive data, refer to Delete from Repository feature on the development site.
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