Linking to requirements artifacts in lifecycle applications

By integrating the applications of the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) and other lifecycle applications, you can create links to artifacts in Change and Configuration Management (CCM), Quality Management (QM), Rhapsody Model Manager (RMM), and Requirements Management (RM) applications. You can link requirements artifacts, collections, modules, or module views to artifacts in other ELM lifecycle applications.

When you link from module views, you have more control over which artifacts in a module are available for test case development and execution.

You can also sort, group, or filter artifact links in the Links section for an artifact.

Before you begin

The ELM integration must be configured before you can do this task. For more information, see Engineering Lifecycle Management and Running the setup wizard.
Important: If you are linking a module view to artifacts in other ELM applications, the module view must be Shared and the view must not be used in other modules. For more information, see Filters and views.


  1. Open a requirement or other RM artifact and expand the Links section in the sidebar, and click the down arrow by the Add Link to Artifact icon .
  2. Select the link type that corresponds to the integrated lifecycle application. For more information on link types, see Link Types.
    • Implemented By, Tracked By, or Affected By to link to development plan items, work items, and defects in CCM.
    • Validated By to link to QM test cases.
    • Derives Architecture From Element, Refined By Architecture Element, Satisfied By Architecture Element, and Traced By Architecture Element to link to RMM models and design resources.
    • References to link to RM objects in another RM instance or in another RM project area.

    If you are linking from a module view, from the view menu, select Add a Link.

  3. In the Create Link window, select an Artifact Container (project area).
    1. Click Choose Existing to select an existing artifact to link to.
    2. Click Create New to create a new artifact to link to.
      • If you are linking to the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application, you can choose a work item or create a new one.
      • If you are linking to the Quality Management (QM) application, you can choose a test case or create a new one.
    3. Click OK.
    Restriction: For modules and collections:
    • Implemented By link type is only available to plan items in the CCM application.
    • Affected By and Tracked By link types are not available.
  4. To sort the artifacts by name, type, ID, or last modified date, click the Sort Links icon.
    Sorting or grouping Links
  5. To filter artifacts by link type, artifact type, or project or component, click the Filter Links icon.
    Filtering Links

What to do next

To view a summary of the linked plan, hover over the link in the Links section of the sidebar. To open the plan in the related product, click the link. In development projects, you can generate plan items that correspond to each artifact in the collection, module, or module view. In test projects, you can generate test cases that correspond to each artifact in the collection, module, or module view.