Reports that are provided with the Requirements Management (RM) application

The Requirements Management (RM) application includes document-style reports from the Create a Document-Style Report wizard. You can use the reports to analyze requirements and identify trends in projects.
The document-style reports that are available in the Create a Document-Style Report wizard are listed in Table 1.
Table 1. Reports in the Document-Style Report wizard.
Name Description
Use Case Diagram Specification Shows organized requirements by use case diagram.
Requirements Specification Shows both functional requirements, such as use cases, and non-functional requirements, such as supplementary requirements.
Traceability Report Shows a requirement-centered view of links to work items that implement the requirements and to test suites that validate the requirements.
User Interface Specification (by Screen Flow Diagram, by Sketches, and by Storyboards) Shows the artifact description, artifact type, and images of the specified graphical artifacts.
Audit History Shows the history of changes to the selected artifacts.
Reviews Shows details about the progress and content of the reviews, including the creator, project start date, due date, and overall state. This report is in the Create a Document-Style Report wizard only when you open the wizard from within a review.
Print Module as a Book Shows the module as a book that you can print.
Print Module as a Table Shows the module as a table that you can print.

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