Project dashboards

A project dashboard in the Requirements Management (RM) application is composed of widgets that provide high-level overviews of artifacts and requirements that are scoped to a specific RM project. Only the members of a project can view its dashboard.

You can open a project dashboard on the All Projects page or from the Home menu. The dashboard can be modified only by a user who has administrative access to the project.

To modify the number of columns that are shown on the dashboard, click the arrow on a tab and click Layout. To add a page to a dashboard, click the Add New Tab icon.

Watch a video that shows how to customize the project dashboard.. Also see the videos listed in the related information section below.

Dashboard widgets

To modify the properties of a widget, click Settings on the widget heading menu. To modify the widget title and color, click Appearance.

You can add widgets to your dashboard to customize your view of the projects that you are a member of. If you are integrated with the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications, you can add widgets to display RM artifacts that are linked to development and test artifacts. You can also add widgets from the RM, Quality Management (QM), and Change and Configuration Management (CCM) applications to your personal dashboards.

To add a widget, click Add Widget. Select a catalog and then click the Add Widget icon for the widget to add. You can add multiple instances of a widget and customize its title and properties. Widgets are organized in categories.

These widgets provide information about requirements projects:
  • Projects Members: Lists all members of the project.
  • Recent Changes: Lists recently modified artifacts in the project.
  • Comments: Lists recent comments that are related to the project. You can filter the comments by those that are addressed to you or those that you made.
  • Reviews: Lists recently modified reviews in the project. You can limit the display to only your active reviews or all active reviews. You can filter or group the results by status, role, or review name.
  • Requirements View: Shows the result of a single view. The view is chosen from a list relative to a particular requirements project.
  • Requirements Tracing: List RM artifacts that link to CCM or QM applications. Linked development or test artifacts are displayed as indented entries below each RM artifact.

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