Suspicion profile indexing guidelines

When you enable suspect traceability (in a project that is not enabled for configuration management), an index of change information for all link types, artifact types, and attributes is automatically built. You can also manually rebuild the index.

By default, the index is automatically refreshed with new changes every 60 seconds, but you can change that setting. If you lower the default refresh setting, a greater load is placed on the server. For the refresh setting, use a number that is 30 seconds or higher.

Index build time

The first build of the index is affected by several factors:
  • The load on the Requirements Management (RM) server or other application servers
  • If the servers are distributed, the network latency
  • The speed of the application server
  • The size of the projects
The time to build the index can vary from less than an hour for a small project to more than 12 hours for large projects. To optimize the speed of the build:
  • Make sure that the number of artifacts that are indexed is continually increasing. You can monitor this information on the indexing status page, which is updated once every 60 seconds.
  • If the index is building slowly, do not click Reindex or the process starts again from the beginning.

Guidelines for manually rebuilding the index

You can manually rebuild the index by clicking Reindex. Before you manually rebuild the index, consider these guidelines:
  • Do not reindex at the first sign of a problem. Large repositories can take a long time to index, so allow sufficient processing time for the indexing process to finish.
  • Before you reindex, create a simple suspicion profile to verify that suspect traceability is correctly working.
  • Jazz™ Team Server reindexing does not affect suspicion reindexing. You can reindex Jazz Team Server without reindexing the suspicion index.
  • If you modify data when the server is offline, reindex. Typically, reindex after you directly modify the database.
    Warning: Reindexing a large database can take a very long time, and you will not be able to use the application while reindexing is taking place.
  • Conditions for reindexing depend on which applications are affected. For example, if you run a repotools script that modifies the Requirements Management (RM) application and the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application, you can restrict reindexing to those applications.
  • When you reindex, various status messages indicate that the indexing process is running normally.
    Important: Before you can see the latest suspect traceability results, the reindexing process must finish and you must manually refresh the RM application.
  • The completion time for the reindexing process depends on the size of the repository. Large repositories can take up to a day or more to be reindexed.
  • If the suspicion indexer is unresponsive for more than 30 minutes and you see the message Initializing indexer, you might have to restart the server.

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