Baselines in requirements projects

In a requirements project, a baseline captures the entire project at a moment in time. For example, you might create a project baseline before you create an artifact review to ensure that the artifacts do not change during the review. A baseline includes all artifacts, folder trees, and public tags.

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To create baselines, you must have the appropriate permissions. By default, the Configuration Administrator role has permission to create baselines, but the Administrator and Author roles do not.
Important: To work with streams and change sets in addition to baselines, you must enable configuration management capabilities for the project. For more information, see Configuration Management.

You can create a baseline from the Current Configuration menu. When you are working in a baseline, the name of the baseline appears at the top of the menu, as shown in this example.

Current Configuration menu

Note: When you create a new baseline, it does not appear in the list of baselines until you refresh the application.
After you create a project baseline you can perform the following tasks:
  • View the content of the project as it existed when the baseline was created
  • Search for and display other baselines
  • Compare the contents of two baselines
Restriction: You cannot modify a project baseline or the version of an artifact that is part of a baseline. However, you can modify the most recent version of that artifact.

To compare two baselines, you must first switch to an initial baseline. After the name of the first baseline appears at the top of the Current Configuration menu, click Compare Configurations, click Baseline in the Configuration Context window, and search for and select the second baseline. A wizard opens in which you can compare the two baselines.

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