Artifact recovery to resolve data inconsistencies

When a team works in multiple configurations, if change sets are delivered between configurations that conflict, data inconsistencies can occur. To fix those inconsistencies, you can recover the artifacts in a configuration manually.

When working in a configuration management enabled project in which where there are multiple configurations , data inconsistencies can occur if there are conflicts when delivering changes. To avoid such conflicts, you should keep change sets relatively small and deliver them as soon as possible. However, if a data inconsistency does occur, you can manually recover missing artifacts in your configuration. For example, consider this scenario:

Artifact recovery scenario

You have three artifacts in the Artifacts folder in the 1.0 stream:

  1. From the 1.0 stream, the 1.1 stream is created. The artifacts in both streams are identical.
  2. In the 1.0 stream, a team member deletes the Artifact folder and the three artifacts.
  3. In the 1.1 stream, you modify two of the artifacts in the Artifacts folder.
  4. You accept changes from the 1.0 stream to the 1.1 stream. However, you do not deliver the changes to the modified artifacts that are now in conflict. As a result, the modified artifacts no longer have a parent folder in the current configuration.
  5. If you search for the modified artifacts, you can still find them, but you cannot find them if you filter by folder.
  6. To fix the problem, go to the Configuration Management tab of the project properties and recover the artifacts manually. When you click Recover, all folders and artifacts that do not have a parent folder in the current configuration are searched for.