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The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.

Integrating the ELM applications and Design Management

You can integrate IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Design Manager (RDM) with the Requirements Management (RM), the Change and Configuration Management (CCM), and the Quality Management (QM) applications in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM).

Note: The capabilities that are provided by the Requirements Management (RM) application in ELM are licensed as IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (DOORS Next).

You can use this integration to link design models and model resources to requirements, requirements-related artifacts, work items, and other development artifacts. You can use models to elaborate the design, structure, and relationships between development artifacts. Stakeholders can collaborate on designs and ensure that design models are relevant and aligned with business and design requirements.

The integration uses the Jazz architecture and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) to create relationships between these artifacts. Administrators configure the integration and associate requirements projects and development projects with design projects. Design Management project area administrators deploy a predefined link type that team members use for the integration. All links to requirements that use the predefined Derived From link type in Design Management are visible as Derives links in the RM application. Design resources are linked to CCM development artifacts by using the Elaborates/Elaborated By or Related To link types.

You can create and view links in both Design Management and the integrated ELM applications. You can place your cursor over a link to display a summary of the linked object or click the link to navigate to the object.

Exception: Design Management can integrate with the Quality Management (QM) application in the ELM. However, you cannot create, view, or access the links and other integration information from the QM application. For more information, see Integrating design management with IBM Engineering Test Management .

For the integration of Design Management with the RM application, links are stored in the source application where they were created. When working in one application, you are prompted to log in to the other application repository to gain access to existing links and gain permission to create new links. The target application queries the source application for any integration links and then displays those links. After logging in, if the integrated repository becomes unavailable, a message is displayed.

For the integration of Design Management with the CCM application, when you create a link in one application, a return link is created immediately in the other integrated tool. The links are always visible in both tools, but full information about the linked object is not available unless you are logged into both projects. If you delete a link in one application, you should verify that the link is deleted in the other application. If you do not have permission to delete objects in the remote application, or that application is not available on the network, you might need help from another team to remove the unwanted link.

Overview of the integration configuration

Before you configure the integration, review the Design Management integration overviews:
You can integrate in two ways:
  • Configure Design Management to use the same Jazz® Team Server as the RM and CCM applications. After you install the server and the application packages, use the setup wizard, as described in the Design Management and RM documentation, or manually register all of the applications on Jazz Team Server.
  • Configure Design Management to use a separate Jazz Team Server from the RM and CCM applications.
    1. Configure the Design Management Server to link to RM and CCM artifacts. See Configuring linking between products on separate servers in the Design Management documentation.
    2. Configure the RM and CCM applications to link to Design Management artifacts.
    • In ELM, use one of the following server administration pages:
      • https://RM_server_name:9443/jts/admin
      • https://RTC_server_name:9443/ccm/admin
      Create an outbound friend relationship with the Design Management application at https://DM_server_name:port/dm/rootservices.
    • In Design Management, use the https://DM_server_name:port/dm/admin page. Create an outbound friend relationship with one of the following:
      • https://RM_server_name:9443/rm/rootservices
      • https://RTC_server_name:9443/ccm/rootservices

When creating a project association from an RM project to a Design Management project, use the Uses Requirements project association type -- not Uses Related Requirements association type. The Uses Requirements type enables the Derives link type for that project association.

After the applications are installed and configured, the Design Management administrator deploys a predefined link type for the integration in Design Management. Use the Derived From link type for the RM integration. This link type does not use a reverse link. For the CCM integration, use the Elaborates and Related To link types.

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