Importing documents into requirements projects

You can import documents of various types, including Microsoft Word, from your file system to a requirements project.
In the import wizard, if you click Import a text document and convert to a rich text artifact, the wizard imports the entire document and converts it to one rich-text artifact. You can import these document types:
  • Microsoft Office (.doc and .docx)
  • Open Office (.odt)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
To watch a video that shows how to import a document, see Lesson 4: Import Microsoft Word documents in the related links.

Import planning

Planning and awareness of limitations are key to a successful import. Before you begin the import process, make sure that you are familiar with the structure of your document. Then, plan how you want the content to be structured in the new artifact. For information about planning to import, see Planning to import documents.

Comments and links

When you import a Microsoft Word document that contains comments, you can specify that the wizard create comments in the new artifact from the comments in the document. Otherwise, you can add comments after you import the document. You can add comments to the whole document or to specific paragraphs. You can also add links to the imported document and embed other artifacts in it. If the imported document contains images, a folder is created that contains the images.

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