Base artifacts

Artifacts created and managed in a project independently from a module are called base artifacts. Base artifacts can be used in one or more modules.
When you work with an artifact outside a module, you are working with the base artifact. From a module you can navigate to the base artifact:
  • From the Edit menu
    Edit menu options
  • From the More Actions menu
    More Actions menu options

If you edit a base artifact, you can see whether the artifact is in a module by viewing the Overview section of the sidebar.

When you create links, tags, and comments for base artifacts, those elements apply to the artifact in all contexts in the project. Base artifact properties are indicated with a blue arrow: Base artifact property indicator.

If you create links to or from base artifacts, those links are available in every module that the base artifacts are used in. The blue icon indicates linking with a base artifact screen cap indicating the base artifact.

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