Viewing table and matrix content in

The content of tables and matrices can be viewed in . In order for table and matrix content to be visible in , the corresponding view must first be updated on the server from , using the relevant menu option.


  1. In , open a model that is enabled for .
  2. In the model browser, right-click the table view or matrix view that you want to update, and select Update Views on Server > Update from the popup menu.
    • If a table or matrix contains remote artifacts, such as requirements or test cases, you must manually log in to the remote artifact server before you update the views for the table or matrix. Otherwise, the remote artifact is shown as a URI in the table or matrix in , without its name.
    • If your enable a project for after it already contains tables or matrices, these will not be visible in until you manually update the views for them. The simplest way to do this is to select the project in the model browser, open the pop-up menu, and select the option Update Views on Server > All Views.

Update all tables or matrices in a package


  1. Right-click the package that contains the tables and matrices whose views should be updated on the server.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select Update Views on Server, and from the submenu select All Tables or All Matrices. You can also select the All Views option. This option updates all of the tables, matrices, and diagrams in the package.

    The All Tables, All Matrices, and All Views options are also available at the project level.

    • On the Log tab of the Output window, you can see the number of tables and matrix views that were updated, as well as the names of the views that were updated.
    • The updated tables and matrices can now be viewed in .