Installing DXL scripts for quicker loading of requirements from

If you plan to use in conjunction with , you must install the provided DXL scripts on the client that is used as an interop by the server. These scripts reduce the time that is required to load collections of remote requirements.


  1. In an installation of , locate the file ..\[Rhapsody installation directory]\Share\Profiles\RhapsodyModelManager\DXLScripts\RhapsodyDWAIntegrationServices.dxl, and copy the file to \[DOORS client installation directory]>\lib\dxl\addins\services\ (create any folders in this path that do not yet exist).
  2. Run the client.
  3. Copy the contents of the file ..\[Rhapsody installation directory]\Share\Profiles\RhapsodyModelManager\DXLScripts\registerServices.dxl to the client DXL editor.
  4. Run the registerServices script in the client DXL editor.