Global Configurations in Rhapsody Model Manager

When working with Rhapsody® Model Manager projects, you can specify the Global Configuration to use for the project. Once you have selected a Global Configuration, this information is used to choose the correct version of a remote resource when you create an OSLC link.
Note: Global Configurations are used to assemble and integrate streams and baselines contributed across the different ELM applications to define physical or logical products. For general information on using Global Configurations, see this overview.

To select a Global Configuration, open the drop-down list in the Rhapsody Model Manager toolbar, and choose the Select option. You can then choose from any of the Global Configurations that have been defined for the Jazz team server where you installed the Architecture Management extension. In addition to the Select option, the drop-down list shows any Global Configurations that you have used recently.

Rhapsody Model Manager toolbar in Rhapsody

After you have selected a Global Configuration for your Rhapsody project, you may encounter error messages in the following scenarios: