What's new in Reporting

The Jazz™ Reporting Service is the default Jazz reporting solution.

For a summary of the new features, on Jazz.net, see the New & Noteworthy tab of the downloads page for this release.

Dragging and moving reports and folders

  • You can drag and drop a report or folder by using the drag handle before the folder or report icon to drag the report or folder, and then dropping the report or folder onto a target folder.
  • You can also move a report to a folder by selecting the check box beside the report name and clicking Move , and then choose where to put the report.

See Finding and organizing reports in Report Builder.

Archiving and restoring data sources

Over time, you might create many data sources for specific configurations so that teams can generate consistent reports based on the type systems of those configurations. You can archive the data sources that teams no longer use or restore archived data sources later. See the Archiving data sources and Restoring data sources sections of Managing data sources for Report Builder.

Document Builder now available as optional install

Document Builder, which previously was only available by installing IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing (PUB), is now available to install as part of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management launchpad. If you use PUB to create customized printable documents, you can generate documents from Document Builder. See information about architecture, deploying, tutorials, administering, and generating documents.

Reporting on link validity

Reporting on link validity status in Report Builder can show you which artifacts meet the intended meaning of their link. You can also generate reports to show which links have an invalid status or no validity status ("suspect") so you know which artifacts to examine, and possibly change to restore validity. See Reporting on link validity status.

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