Reports and dashboards

Users in a variety of job roles need to create, run, and view reports. You can use each application’s reporting capability, report across tools with Report Builder, or include reports in dashboards.

The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) includes a variety of reports, which can be viewed in the application interface. If you installed the Report Builder component of Jazz® Reporting Service, you can add the ready-to-use or custom reports to your Engineering Lifecycle Management dashboards. You can also customize some reports using BIRT authoring tools, which is not included with ELM.

In some reports, you can access additional information through links in the report output. This behavior is known as "drilling through", "drilling down", or "drilling up" from the original report output.
  • Drill-through report: Links two reports containing related information. Allows you to access related or more detailed information in one report by selecting a value in another report.
  • Drill-down report: Links down to lower level data sets.

Reports in dashboards

You can create and customize reports using Jazz Reporting Service. The Change and Configuration Management application also provides BIRT reports that can be customized as mini reports, imported into ELM applications and added to dashboards.