Mapping Jazz Team Server roles to Document Builder roles

If you have delegated authentication for Document Builder to a Jazz™ Team Server (JTS) using either container or SSO authentication, you can map JTS roles to Document Builder roles.

Before you begin

Deploy Document Builder.
Note: Admin privileges are required to administer Document Builder. You must have the pub_admin role assigned to yourself.

About this task

Table 1. Default mapping of Document Builder roles to Jazz Team Server roles
Jazz Team Server role Document Builder role
JazzAdmins Administrator (pub_admin)
JazzProjectAdmins Administrator (pub_admin)
JazzUsers Report Designer (pub_report_designer)
JazzGuests Basic user (pub_user)


  1. To administer the application, click your user name in the product banner.
  2. Select Administer from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Runtime Variables.
  4. Expand the Role Mapping section.
  5. To add a new JTS role:
    Role Mapping section
    1. Click Add.
    2. Enter the JTS role, for example JazzDesigner.
    3. Select the Document Builder role that you want the JTS role to map to, for example pub_report_designer.
    4. Click Add Role.
  6. By default, editing roles is disabled. To edit a role, click Edit to enable editing. You can now select different Document Builder roles for the JTS roles.
  7. To delete a role, click Delete . In the Delete JTS Role window, select the role to delete and click Delete Now . You can only delete roles that you created. You cannot delete default JTS roles.
  8. Click Save to save your changes.

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