This information is for planning purposes only. The information herein is subject to change or removal without notice before the products described may become available.
The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.

Promoting documents

You can store documents longer than the default time period by promoting the document results. Promoted documents are not deleted during regular cleanup intervals in Document Builder.


  1. Go to the View page.
  2. In the Actions column for the document, click the Promote controls Promote icon icon.
  3. Click OK when prompted to avoid having the document deleted during regular cleanup.
  4. After the report name,you now see (Promoted).
    Report that is promoted
    The documents, logs, and job details associated with the report are now promoted. Only the owner of the report can promote or demote the documents associated with the report.
  5. To demote documents associated with the report, click the Promote controls icon. When you are prompted to demote the documents, click OK. The (Promoted ) is removed from the report name.
  6. You can search for promoted documents by clicking Advanced Search. In the Promoted drop-down list, select Yes and then click Search.

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