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The CE/CLM products were renamed in version 7.0. As the help is updated to reflect the changes, the topics might contain inconsistencies. For details on the name change, see Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio.

Managing document generation jobs

You can use the Job Details page in Document Builder to view the document generation jobs that are currently running on the server. You can review job information, change the state of a job, cancel a job, or search for a job.

Before you begin

Deploy Document Builder.
Note: Admin privileges are required to administer Document Builder. You must have the pub_admin role assigned to yourself.


  1. You can view jobs that have been running for a long time on the Long Running Jobs tab, or view all jobs on the Jobs tab.
  2. To see the details for an individual job, click View Job Details View job detailsin the Actions column
  3. To pause a job, select the specific running job and click Pause Pause in the Actions column. The selected job stops running and remains paused.
  4. To resume a job, select the specific running job and click Resume Resume in the Actions column. The selected job resumes.
  5. To cancel a job, select the specific running job and click Cancel Cancel in the Actions column.
    Table 1. Document generation job statuses
    Status Description
    Running Jobs that are currently in progress.
    Paused Jobs that have been paused by the administrator or the user.
    Failed Jobs that could not be completed successfully.
    Cancelled Jobs that have been canceled by the administrator.
    Finished Jobs that completed successfully.
    Note: Administrators can change the threshold that triggers the job to appear on the Long Running Jobs tab by setting the LONG RUNNING JOBS THRESHOLD value on the Runtime Variables page.
  6. To refresh the status of the jobs, click the Refresh icon.
    Note: Administrators can change how often the page refreshes by setting the JOB_DETAILS_REFRESH_THRESHOLD value on the Runtime Variables page.
    Note: Finished jobs are not displayed by default. If you are monitoring a long-running job, and the job disappears because it has completed, you can find the job by clicking the Jobs tab and then Advanced Search. Select the Finished job status and search for your completed job.
  7. You can search for jobs within the page by entering text in the Find in Page field, or use Advanced Search to search all jobs by name, user, status, or date. You can also page through the list of reports or sort the reports by columns.

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