Generating a comparison document in Document Builder

You can create a document that shows the differences between two documents. For example, you might want to compare two different views from IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (DOORS Next), or two versions of a test case or test plan in IBM Engineering Test Management.

About this task

You can compare two documents generated from two configuration contexts of an artifact, for Microsoft Word output only. Document Builder generates a document for each configuration context and also compares them to produce a comparison document.


  1. On the Design page, click the Connections tab.
  2. Create a new connection or edit an existing connection.
  3. For a new connection, in the URL field, enter the URL to the resource, for example a test plan.
  4. In the Configuration field, select a configuration:
    1. Select a provider from the Common providers list or manually enter the provider in the Configuration provider field, for example https://<server>:9443/qm/_ajax-modules/
    2. Click Go to test the connection.
    3. Select a project area.
    4. Select a configuration from the list and click OK.
  5. In the Base Configuration field, repeat these steps to select another configuration of the same resource:
    Base and target configurations
  6. Select an authentication method and enter your credentials.
  7. Save the connection.
  8. Go to the Generate page and click the Generate icon for the report that you want to generate a comparison document for.
  9. When prompted for the connection, select the connection that you just created with both the configuration and the base configuration.
  10. Click Generate.
  11. When the document generation is complete, go to the View page to see the generated documents. The Word output has three documents:
    • target_document_name.doc (generated from the Configuration)
    • base_target_document_name.doc (generated from the Base configuration)
    • compare_target_document_name.doc (Shows the differences between the two documents)
    Note: If password is set for the Microsoft Word output, you can use the same password to open Target document, Base document and Compare document.
    Comparison of two versions of a test plan

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