Document Builder samples

Use Document Builder to build, generate, and view documents.

Included with Document Builder are assets such as templates, snippets, scripts, and style sheets to help you to get started quickly.

Sample assets

The sample assets are designed to work with specific data sources, for example IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next or IBM Engineering Workflow Management.

Only administrators can create, modify, or delete the sample assets. After the administrator creates the sample assets, report designers can use them as a starting point to build reports and generate documents. All sample assets are appended with [sample] in the name, for example Workitem [sample] and have the sample tag. On the Design page, click the Click here to generate sample assets link.

If the administrator wants to create these sample assets again, when prompted to confirm the creation, append a number to the sample title to keep the names of the assets unique from the original assets.

The sample assets are visible to report designers..

Ready-to-use assets

The ready-to-use assets can be used to generate documents with little additional setup or configuration.

Both administrators and report designers can create the ready-to-use assets. On the Design page, click the Click here to generate the ready-to-use assets link.
Note: Administrators can hide the sample and ready-to-use asset creation links by disabling the SAMPLE_CREATION_ENABLED or READY_TO_USE_CREATION_ENABLED variables in the Administer > Runtime Variables page.