Working with multiple RM change sets in personal streams

If your team uses global configurations, when you work in a global configuration context and create a change set in the Requirements Management (RM) application, the change set is automatically added to your personal stream in the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application.

Before you begin

  • You must have permission to create change sets in the RM application.
  • Understand how your organization uses streams, baselines, and change sets based on how many teams need to work in parallel on different versions of the same artifacts. To learn more, see Patterns for stream usage on

About this task

Your personal stream can contain multiple change sets but only one change set from any specific component.

Consider the following scenario: In the RM application, you create the change sets for the components that you work on, but before you finish the work, your team lead asks you to complete work that has a higher priority and is underway in a different change set. You might move between the two change sets, or you might create more change sets to reflect your changing priorities.


  1. In the RM application, you are working in the context of the shared global configuration, called Electric Vehicle - Compact, which has nested configurations, as shown in the following image.
    Global configuration tree showing Electric Vehicle as the root and nested Battery 1.0 and Motor 1.0 global configurations, each with one nested RM configurations of the same name

    For this example, the Electric Vehicle - Compact configuration contains nested global configurations which in turn contain streams from multiple RM components: Motor-Stream1 and FuelSensor-Stream1.

  2. Your team lead asks you to work changes to the Component1-Stream1 stream, so you create a change set called Component1-ChangeSet1. If you do not have a personal stream, one is created for you automatically. The default name is in the form your_username's shared_global_configuration_name, for example, jdoe's SharedGC. Your configuration context is automatically changed to your personal stream and the new change set is added to it automatically.

    For details about creating change sets, see Creating change sets.

  3. You also need to make changes to the Component2-Stream1 stream, so you create a change set called Component2-ChangeSet1

    Your team lead asks you to work on a different change set with a higher priority. You are not done with ChangeSet1 so you cannot deliver the changes yet.

  4. You switch out of your personal stream context and into the shared global configuration context (SharedGC) in the Current Configuration menu.
  5. Now you can create the other change set, ChangeSet2.
  6. In the GCM application, your personal stream is automatically updated, replacing ChangeSet1 with ChangeSet2.

    ChangeSet1 is still available in the RM application and you can add it back to your personal stream manually when you need it.

    The personal stream contains the same configurations as the shared global configuration it was created from, which is the original stream.

    As you work, if configurations in the original stream are added or removed, the configurations are also added or removed in your personal stream. The original stream is always the final contribution to your personal stream to ensure that they have the same members.

  7. In the RM application, finish your work in ChangeSet2 and then deliver your changes. Your context is automatically changed to the shared global configuration, SharedGC.

    You are ready to finish ChangeSet1 so you switch your context to the personal stream.

  8. In the GCM application, your personal stream does not show a change set, so you must add ChangeSet1.

    See Adding configurations to a stream.

    When you add change sets manually to a personal stream, ensure that they are based on a contribution that already exists in the original global stream.

  9. In the RM application, finish your work in ChangeSet1 and then deliver your changes. Your configuration context does not change, and the personal stream does not show a change set. It is ready for the next change set that you create.

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