Viewing configurations in a tree view

Use the tree view to see a configuration hierarchy of configurations from this and other contributing IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications. You can also sort configurations by name or contribution order (to fix unintentional component skew). A configuration that gathers configurations from across applications is called a global configuration.

Before you begin

You must first create a configuration in an ELM application to add it to a global configuration. For example, to support a release, you might create a requirements configuration in the Requirements Management (RM) application, a test configuration in the Quality Management (QM) application, or a model configuration in the Architecture Management (AM) application. In the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application, you can then add the configurations to the global configuration.

About this task

In the GCM tree you, you can complete this tasks:
  • See a collection of configurations from ELM applications as a single, logical unit.
  • Create a product variant.
  • Move, reorder, remove, or reuse configurations.
  • Add a change set to test insulated changes without delivering the changes to a shared stream.


What to do next

The following topics show ways that you might want to use a configuration after you view it.

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