Opening a local configuration from a global configuration

You can quickly open IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) local configurations by using the Global Configuration Management (GCM) user interface.

About this task

As you work in a global configuration, you might need to view or change a configuration in your ELM application. Rather than manually finding the configuration in your ELM application, use the convenient Open in New Window option to open the selected configuration in your ELM application, without leaving your current global configuration context.


To open a local configuration in a ELM application, either click the stream name or click the menu for the configuration and select Open in New Window.

Image shows how to open a configuration in the ELM application.

In the new browser window, you see the ELM application with your global configuration set as the current configuration, and the Current Project Component menu set to the component that contributed the local configuration.

Image shows the Current Component menu circled on the toolbar and the Current Configuration menu expanded.

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