Working with sections of the global configuration hierarchy

Focus on a specific section of the configuration hierarchy by setting another configuration as the root in the tree view. You must do this for some tasks, for example, creating streams or baseline staging streams from a baseline that is not at the top of the tree view.

Before you begin

The configuration hierarchy must contain at least one nested global configuration.

About this task

The root of the hierarchy refers to the global configuration that is shown at the top of the tree view. The root might be a member of another global configuration, so root does not necessarily mean the top-most global configuration of a project area or component.

Use this feature to reduce the amount of scrolling required in a complex configuration hierarchy.


  1. In the tree view, click a nested global configuration.
    Tip: To expand or collapse nested configurations in the tree, click the configuration above it and click Expand All or Collapse All.
  2. On the toolbar near the upper right, click Open as Root.
    Tip: You can also right-click the configuration and then click Open as Root.


The configuration that you selected is now shown as the root of the hierarchy.

What to do next

Complete tasks by using the controls on the tool bar or by right-clicking a configuration.

When finished, use the browser back arrow to return to the full hierarchy.

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