Restoring archived global configurations and components

Restore an archived global configuration or component that you need. For example, your team creates weekly baselines and at the end of a release, you archive the many intermediary baselines that the team no longer needs. After the product is released, the team needs to re-create an environment from one of the intermediary baselines.

Before you begin

You must have permission to archive or restore components or specific types of configurations. In the project area administration pages, see the Global Configuration Management permission group.

About this task

You can restore archived streams, personal streams, baselines, baseline staging streams, and components.

  • Restoring components: The system also restores the configurations of the component that were implicitly archived together. Configurations of the component that were archived separately are not restored.
  • Restoring configurations: The system restores only the configuration that you select and its component. Configurations of the component that were archived implicitly when the component was archived are not restored.


  1. Optional: Search for an archived configuration or component by setting the Quick Search (Magnifying glass) scope to Archived Artifacts and entering search criteria; then, click the item to restore.
    Note: You can also find archived components on the Browse Components page: click the Show archived componentsIcon showing books and binoculars toggle.
  2. Click Restore.
  3. Follow the prompts in the confirmation dialog box.

What to do next

If the results are not what you expect, go to the Quick Search Magnifying glass > Archived Artifacts menu again, and enter your search criteria.