Personal dashboards

You can create an unlimited number of personal dashboards to suit your needs.

About this task

You can customize personal dashboards to serve many purposes.
  • Track action items, such as open high-severity work items, pending approvals, and new work items that need to be triaged.
  • Track workload in a project.
  • Track workload across multiple projects, including projects from other applications.
  • Display useful widgets to help you work, such as calendars, time zone clocks, news feeds, and search engines.
New dashboards are populated with a set of widgets that are designed to help you get started with the dashboard. Personal dashboards are stored on the Jazz™ Team Server.
  • To perform this task, you must have read/write access to the Jazz Team Server project area, which is available to members of the JazzUsers repository group and most other groups. Access is not available to members of the JazzGuests group.
  • If you change your user ID, your personal dashboard will not function properly.

To create a dashboard and edit the title, follow the Procedure in Creating personal dashboards.

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