Managing configurations

Teams have many reasons to move, replace, remove, and rename configurations in the Global Configuration Management (GCM) tree view. For example, you might move deeply nested global configurations so that they are children of the root so that you can baseline different parts of the hierarchy at different times. Or, you might replace a stream with a baseline before you commit a baseline staging stream at the tree root.

Additionally, you might remove a configuration if a feature your team is building becomes unnecessary. You might rename a configuration if a product name changes. If you have a global configuration hierarchy with multiple different configurations of the same component (skew), you might need to reorder the configurations so that the configuration you need is ordered first.

Before you begin

The following list shows which GCM role you must have to modify the member configurations or descriptive properties of global streams, or modify the descriptive properties of global baselines.
  • To modify a personal stream, you must be the owner with the Contributor role or higher.
  • To modify other team members' personal streams, you must have the Administrator role or higher.
  • To modify a stream, you must have the Configuration Lead role or higher.
  • To modify a baseline or baseline staging stream, you must have the Baseline Maker role or higher. You can modify certain baseline attributes (such as name and description, and possibly custom attributes), but not the member configurations.

About this task

Before you change a configuration, you might need to search for it:
  • Type part of its name in Quick Search Magnifying glass near the upper right of the page, below the gear icon.
  • In the tree view, expand a series of nested configurations by clicking the configuration above it, and then right-click Expand All.
  • On the Welcome page, search by configuration type, name, and tags.


What to do next

Now you have a configuration hierarchy, which you customized by moving, reordering, replacing, renaming, removing, or updating configurations. If your team completed a milestone, then you are ready to save the milestone. See Creating a baseline to save a milestone.

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