Finding where a stream or baseline is used in configurations

Global configurations contain configurations from this and other applications, often in a tree hierarchy. A find use report shows the list of configurations that are impacted because of a change. For example, if a defect is fixed or a configuration is updated in a contributing IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) application that is part of the current configuration, you might want to understand the impact of this change.

About this task

Finding where the stream or baseline is used can help teams analyze the impact of a change. A design team wants to make a fix or enhancement to their Design 1 stream. The team lead finds where it is used to discover which global configurations use the Design 1 stream and to use the feedback to assess the impact that the changes might have.


  1. Select a configuration in the tree view, right-click, and select Find Where Used.
    Tip: If the tree shows many configurations:
    • Search by typing a name in Quick Search Magnifying glass near the upper right of the page, below the gear icon.
    • Scan the entire tree by expanding nested configurations. Right-click the configuration above a nested one and click Expand All.
    • Show or hide personal streams by selecting an option from the Personal Streams menu. To show everyone's personal streams, you must be assigned the View team members' personal streams permission.
  2. Review the report. It shows all the streams and baselines that use the selected configuration.
  3. Explore any configuration by clicking it.

    Examine the global configuration to assess the impact of the change. You might also work with team leads in contributing ELM applications to request that each team perform their own analysis in their respective configurations to assess the impact of the change.

    When finished, use the browser back arrow to return to the find use report.

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