Creating global configuration process templates

You can create a process template from an existing process template and then customize the process name, process ID, and summary.

Before you begin

To create and manage process templates, you must have the following combination of permissions and roles:
  • JazzAdmins repository permissions
  • The Administrator role in the project area
To view your repository permissions and client access license, open a project. In the user interface banner, at the top right, open the User Profile menu Shows the User Profile icon and click View My Profile and Licenses. To view your project role, from the Administration menu Shows the Administration icon, click Manage This Project Area.


Create a template in an appropriate project area.

  1. Click the Administration menu Shows the Administration icon and click Manage Templates.
  2. Select Global Configuration Management Default Process. Move the cursor to the Actions column at the end of the entry.
  3. Click Export to save the template to your computer as a compressed template file called
  4. On your computer, extract the compressed template file.

    Make the necessary changes to customize the template. You must give the template a unique ID.

What to do next

After you create a process, you can select the new template from the Process Templates page. For information about how to edit, delete, export, or import a process template, see "Managing global configuration process templates."
Note: After you create a custom process template, you cannot modify it. You also cannot modify a process template that is provided with the application. To create a revised version of a template, export it, revise it, and then import the template.

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