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Creating baselines of streams contributed by other ELM applications

In the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application, you can create a baseline of a stream contributed by another IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) application. You can also replace a stream immediately with the new baseline. You might create these baselines to freeze a specific configuration, such as a set of requirements that changes often, or, if you need more frequent baselines of a specific configuration and can't wait until a milestone to create a baseline of a global configuration.

Before you begin

  • You must be assigned the Global Configuration Management Baseline Maker or Configuration Lead role.
  • You must have permission to create baselines in the ELM applications whose streams you need to baseline.

About this task

Recall that a stream is modifiable while a baseline is frozen.

This task creates new baselines of the selected local configurations without creating a baseline of the parent global configuration. For details about creating a baseline of a global configuration, see Creating a baseline to save a milestone.


  1. Select at least one local stream in the tree view; then, right-click and select Create Baseline.
  2. Enter a name suffix that describes why you are taking a baseline, or the milestone you are capturing. The name suffix is appended to the new baselines.
  3. Optional: Enter a description to help you identify the baselines in a list, for example, in configuration editors.
  4. Optional: To replace the streams with the new baselines, select the Replace streams with the new baselines check box. Otherwise, the baselines are available in their application and you can use them when you need them.
  5. Click OK.


The baselines are created in their application.
If you selected the Replace streams with the new baselines check box:
  • In the current configuration tree, all instances of a stream are replaced with the new baseline.
  • If a stream is contributed to another global configuration that is not in the current tree, it is not replaced. This can result in skew.

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