Comparing global configurations

Compare global configurations to see content differences between milestones, for example, between Sprint 7 and Sprint 8. The comparison report shows you the child configurations in each configuration that are included, missing, or different.

About this task

You can compare a global configuration with a different stream or baseline and vice versa. You cannot compare components.

For example, a team discovers that it must remove new functions from a configuration at a milestone. A comparison visually illustrates all child configurations to be removed if the configuration is removed. The comparison report can help with feature planning, resource allocation, and test case rework.


  1. Select a global configuration in the tree view, right-click, and select Compare With.
  2. Use the Compare With dialog box to help you select the stream or baseline to compare the selected configuration with.
    1. If necessary, click the Filters icon and type the global configuration name to narrow the results.
    2. Examine a stream to view its baselines and baseline staging streams by hovering over a stream and clicking the Show icon. Show icon

      You can select a baseline or baseline staging stream for comparison, or return to the previous view by clicking Back to All Streams of Component.

    3. Make your selection and click Compare.
  3. View the comparison report on the Compare Configurations screen.

    The report shows added differences, by default.

    Image shows "Compare Configurations" with an added stream.

    You can change the report to show removed differences by clicking the Swap Sides icon.

    Image shows "Compare Configurations" with a removed stream.

    The symbols between the results show you the changes between the two global configurations.
    • A plus sign shows that configurations were added.
    • A minus sign shows that configurations were removed.
    • The delta symbol shows that the same configuration was modified in some way.

What to do next

If you want to investigate the possible results of removing a global configuration, you can find where that global configuration is used in streams and baselines. Use the comparison report to see if the removal has broader implications to your product deliverable. See Finding where a stream or baseline is used in configurations.

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