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Archiving global configurations and components

An archived configuration or component is removed from general use. In the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application, archive any global configuration or component that is no longer needed to reduce clutter in lists of configurations or components.

Before you begin

You must have permission to archive or restore components or specific types of configurations. On the project area Permissions page, see the Global Configuration Management permission group.

You can archive individual configurations, or all the configurations of a component. When you archive a component, all its active streams, personal streams, baselines, and baseline staging streams of the component are also archived. Therefore, you must also have permission to archive or restore those types of configurations.

About this task

Archiving items does not delete them. You can restore them later.

You can archive components, streams, personal streams, baselines, and baseline staging streams.

For information about the visibility of archived global configurations and components during find where used, and history, see Archived global configurations and components.


  1. Select a configuration in the tree view or a component on the Browse Components page.
    Tip: To expand or collapse nested configurations in the tree, click the configuration above it and click Expand All or Collapse All.
  2. On the Attributes tab, click Edit.
  3. Select the Archived check box and click Save.
  4. Follow the prompts in the dialog box.


Local configurations contributed by other applications are not archived.

If you archive a component, all its active streams, personal streams, baselines, and baseline staging streams of the component are also archived.

Archived configurations and components are not shown in search and query results, cannot be edited. Archived configurations cannot be added to other global configurations and are shown only on the History page when referenced by an active configuration.

Find archived components and configurations by using the Archived Artifacts search scope available in Quick Search Magnifying glass near the upper right of the page, below the gear icon.

Find, show, or hide archived components on the Browse Components page by clicking Show archived componentsIcon showing books and binoculars or Show active componentsShaded icon showing books and binoculars above the list.

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