Administering personal streams in the GCM application

A personal stream can be modified only by its owner or a Global Configuration Management (GCM) administrator. As an administrator, you can view, scrub, modify, and archive or restore team members' personal streams.

Before you begin

  • Administrators or those assigned the corresponding permissions can complete the following tasks on team members' personal streams:
    • Archive and restore
    • Modify descriptive properties configurations (add and remove)
    • Scrub
    • Find them by using queries and Quick Search

About this task

Team members typically use a personal stream to privately test one or more insulated changes before delivering them to a shared stream.

Personal streams are not strictly private. Team members with a direct URI to another team member's personal stream can view its contents, even without permission to modify others' personal streams or view them in searches and query results.


  1. In the GCM application, find team members’ personal streams by using these methods:
    • URL: Obtain the URL.
    • Welcome page: In the Search section, choose Personal Streams and search by name or tags.
    • Quick Search (near the upper right): Choose Personal Streams and type a name, tag, or an asterisk (*).
    • Create a query: On the banner, click Queries, click the My Queries or Shared Queries tab and build your query. Search by the personal stream configuration type. You might also search by name or tags.
    • Go to the Personal Streams tab of a component.
  2. Modify team member’s personal streams by completing any of these tasks you have permission for:

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