Adding tags, attributes, and links to a global configuration or component

Tags, custom attributes, branch values, and links provide ways for you to find, organize, and describe global configurations and components.

Before you begin

  • If you do not see the tags, custom attributes, branch values, or link types that you want to add to global configurations or components, ask your configuration lead to define them.
  • To add and remove tags or links, or to set custom attributes for global components or configurations, you must have permission to modify that artifact type (such as Modify components, Modify baselines, Modify personal streams, and so on).
  • To add a branch value to global streams, you must have the Modify stream attributes permission or higher. For details about this permission, see Role-based permissions for Global Configuration Management (GCM).

About this task

You can add as many tags, custom attributes, and links as you need to a global configuration or component.

For detailed information about branch and custom attributes, tags, and links, see Tags, attribute values, and links.


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