Global Configuration Management REST API

You can write client applications that use the public REST API to automate many global configuration tasks, including managing the GCM type system. For details about the API, scenarios, and individual GCM and Jazz Foundation services, see https://host:port/gc/doc/scenarios.

Use the API to automate many of the tasks that you do in the GCM web user interface. For example:
  • Create and update components
  • Create and update streams and baselines
  • Update a stream to match a baseline
  • Import and export type definitions across project areas
  • Create, read, modify, delete, and query for artifact attributes, data types, and link types
  • Read, modify, and query for artifact types

Typically, REST services are built on Resource Description Framework (RDF) principles, some of which follow the Open Source Life Cycle (OSLC) specifications. For details, see the related links.