Log file locations for Global Configuration Management (GCM)

If you encounter errors or exceptions, you can use the log files to research the issues and find resolutions. The Global Configuration Management (GCM) application generates the following log files, based on the log4j.properties default settings: gc.log and gc-internalSso.log. Additionally, gc-patch.log records which patches have been found and applied. The log4j.properties file is located in installdir/server/conf/gc/log4j.properties.

Reloading the log4j.properties file dynamically

Any changes you make to the log4j.properties file require the file to be reloaded.

  1. Open the Application Administration - Global Configuration Management page to reload the settings.


  2. Click Reload Log Settings.

    The reload is successful if you see the following message under Reload Log Settings: Log Settings reloaded = [true]

Managing the size of the log file

By default, the size of the log file is set to 10 MB and the number of backup files is set to five in the log4j.properties file. This file is in installdir/server/conf/gc. You can change the rollover property of the log4j.properties file as needed.

To do size-based rollover, update the numbers in the following lines:


Reload the log4j.properties file.

Adding trace output to the application log

The following example shows how to configure the highest verbose output to the gc.log file. The log file can help you to discover the details of a problem for a specific operation.

  1. In the log4j.properties file, configure the logger to log the most granular level—TRACE—and all messages above it.

    Find the line:

    log4j.rootLogger=INFO, file

    Change the line:

    log4j.rootLogger=TRACE, file

  2. Increase the maximum size of the appender file to accommodate the additional output.

    Find the line:


    Change the line:


  3. Reload the log settings for the changes to take effect.


For the location of log files for other applications and servers, see Log file locations.

Enabling debug messages for global configuration services

This section is a reference for customers who are directed by IBM® Support to debug problems that are related to the GCM application in their working environment.

If you are directed to enable logging for global configuration services, do so in the installdir/server/conf/gc/log4j.properties file. After you enable logging, be sure to reload the log4j.properties file. The information you receive contains enough details for IBM Support to help you to troubleshoot.

  • Set the Global Configuration API Service logger to DEBUG (or TRACE).
    Note: Calls to a service method are logged with the input parameters and any result or exception.

    Find the following string.


    Replace it with the following string.

  • Add a DEBUG Global Configuration Front Service logger.
  • Set the Configurations Front Service logger to DEBUG (or TRACE).

    Find the following string.


    Replace it with the following string.

  • Add a DEBUG to HttpUtils logger.
    Note: This setting logs details of requests GCM makes to other tools, and the results that are returned.