Project areas for Global Configuration Management (GCM)

Configuration leads can create and manage project areas and customize roles and permissions in a GCM project area.
Team members that work with global configurations must be members of the following project areas:
  • GCM project area of the global configuration.
  • IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) application project areas that contribute to the global configuration. Specifically, the configuration lead must be a member of the project area of any contributing ELM application. Team members must be members of the project areas only for contributing ELM applications they use.

Lifecycle projects simplify user management by grouping multiple project areas so that you can manage them and their members from one central location. Select the link in the following table for more information about lifecycle projects.

The links in the table take you to several common topics about configuring project areas.

Table 1. Configuring project areas
To See
Learn about user setup and licensing Understanding licenses, permissions, and access control
Learn about project areas and lifecycle projects Getting started with project areas and lifecycle projects
Create a project area Create a project area
Add users to a project and assign roles Adding and modifying users
Create and modify roles and permissions Adding and modifying roles and permissions
Archive a project area Archiving and restoring project areas and team areas

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