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This tutorial demonstrates how to align plans to ensure that teams share common project goals, with complete alignment across requirements, development, and test plans. This tutorial explores a sample application after the release plan is completed. The sample application starts with an existing lifecycle project and linked plans, where the team is ready to start their second sprint.

In this tutorial, the team leads agree on shared goals for the release plan. This tutorial uses several roles. Ursula has a requirements collection that defines business requirements. Marco aligns the release plan with the requirements collection. Tammy aligns the test plan with the requirements collection and the release plan. The team leads ensure coverage across the requirements, development, and test plans.

This tutorial uses these plans:

  • A collection that captures high-level business and stakeholder requirements for a software release.
  • A development release plan that captures the complete list of plan items for the software release. The plan defines when the requirements are implemented and how many can be contained within the requested time frame for delivery.
  • A test plan that captures the set of test cases that are required to validate a release. Use the test plan to determine whether the requirements are implemented as designed and to test the implementation.

Learning objectives

This tutorial demonstrates these IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management concepts:
  • A requirements collection defines what to develop.
  • A release plan defines when it will be developed.
  • A test plan defines how the implementation is tested and helps teams determine whether the delivery meets the requirements.
  • A product owner perspective ensures that a collection of requirements has relationships to a release plan and a test plan and creates a traceability view on a requirements collection.
  • A development lead ensures that a release plan has relationships to a requirements collection and a test plan, synchronizes collections and release plans, and creates a traceability view of the release plan.
  • A test lead ensures that a test plan has relationships to a requirements collection and a release plan and synchronizes collections and test plans.

Time required

Plan to take a few hours to complete this tutorial. If you explore other concepts that are related to this tutorial, it can take longer to complete.

Skill level


System requirements

For this tutorial, these products must be installed and configured:
  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management products
  • Optional: Build System Toolkit
  • Optional: The IBM Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client

See the related links for information about installing and configuring these products.


Configure the sample environment after you have installed and configured the required products. See the related links for information about configuring the sample.
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