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Lesson 1.2: Explore design options for the sprint

In this lesson, you explore technical solutions for proposed sprint content to help scope and estimate the work.

About this task

After completing this lesson, you will learn how to complete these Engineering Lifecycle Management tasks:

  • Responding to a requirement inquiry.
  • Prepare a design for a sprint planning meeting.

Exploring design options

About this task

Al responds to the inquiry that Bob created.


  1. Go to https://clm.jkebanking.net:9443/ccm/web/projects/JKE Banking (Change Management)
  2. Log on by typing al in the User ID and al in Password.
  3. From the project dashboard, under the Work Item Queries widget, click the My current work. Work items assigned to Al are displayed.
  4. Review Bob's new request to assess the impact to the design:
    1. Open Validate Adherence to Corporate Standard on User Lockout.
    2. In the Status field, select Start Working.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click the Links tab. Under the Implements Requirements section, hover the mouse over User Authentication Lockout to review its content.
    5. Under the Elaborated by Architecture Element, open the Login Unsuccessful design resource.
  5. Review all of the comments and questions on the Login Unsuccessful sequence diagram.
    1. In the Comments view, click each comment to see if a related drawing has been added to the diagram.
    2. In the Comments view, respond to Bob's comment by typing Capability for user lockout is in place but the configuration parameter for number of tries needs to be changed. Click Save.
  6. Regarding the User Authentication Lockout work item, Al can create a work item for the system configuration team. He can also refine and import the model to the Design Management server to share the model with all stakeholders, and he can change the state of his work item to indicate that it is complete. For briefness, we stop Al's steps on User Lockout here.
  7. From the Home Menu, click the JKE Banking (Change Management) project under Change and Configuration Management. List Al's tasks using the My current work query on the dashboard.
  8. Open and review the Design-Allocate Dividends with Web Service work item and the related requirement artifacts.
    1. Review the related story by hovering the cursor over the parent link under the Quick Information section.
    2. From the Home Menu, select the JKE Banking (Requirements) project under Requirements Management.
    3. Use the quick search to find a business process model. In the Quick Search field, type Allocate dividend. In the results, select the Allocating Dividends to a Cause business process diagram.
    4. From the Links section, under the Satisfies category, review the business goal Accelerate economic recovery.
  9. From the Home Menu, select the JKE Banking (Design Management) project under Design Management to return to the design management dashboard.
  10. As the solution architect, analyze how the service works. This information is useful to scope the sprint. By creating a design document to describe how the service works, you can help validate the requirements and ensure that a reasonable solution exists that can be scoped for the sprint. In this scenario, the diagram is provided for you to review.
    1. From the Home Menu, select the JKE Banking (Design Management) project under Design Management.
    2. From the Designs menu, select Document under Create Design Resource and add the following attributes: Title: Design Document - Allocate Dividend Service; Body: We will leverage a RESTful architecture that we have already implemented for another service. The Allocate Dividend Service must use resources such as User, Account, Organization, and Transaction.
  11. Optional: Create a design overview sketch from web client.
  12. Optional: Conduct a design review.
  13. Link the design document to the work item and requirement:
    1. Navigate to and open Design Document - Allocate Dividend Service.
    2. Click the Links tab.
    3. From the Add drop-down menu, select Derives From. Select the JKE Banking (Requirements) project and browse to select Service for Allocating Dividends.
    4. Click OK twice.
    5. Select Elaborates.
    6. Select JKE Banking (Change Management) project. Select Task as the type, and browse to the Design-Allocate Dividends with Web Service work item.
    7. Click OK twice.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned how to complete these tasks:
  • Respond to a requirement inquiry.
  • Prepare a design for a sprint planning meeting.
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