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Lesson 2.6: Confirm that the story is done

In this lesson, you confirm that the story is done.

About this task

A story is considered done when the following criteria are met:

  • The acceptance criteria that are defined for the story are satisfied.
  • All tasks on the story are complete.
  • The story includes a successful test execution.
  • All defects that affect the story are closed.

Confirming that the story is done

About this task

Confirm that the story is done:


  1. In the web client, in the upper-left corner, click the Home menu icon. From the list, under Change and Configuration Management, click JKE Banking (Change Management).
  2. Log out as Tanuj.
  3. Log on by typing marco in User ID and marco in Password.
  4. On the project dashboard, click the Testing tab
  5. On the Testing page, in the Stories tested successfully widget, click the link to the Allocate Dividends To Multiple Causes story.
  6. In the story work item, click the Links tab.
    Note: The strike-through line through a task indicates that the work item is done.
  7. Hover over any development child tasks to see that they are done.
  8. Under Tested By Test Case, hover over the test case link. Use the rich hover to see that the test is complete and has passed.
  9. In the test case, under Most Recent Execution Result, view the link from the original failed test, and validate that the defect is fixed and tested.
  10. Under Affected By Defect, hover over the defect link to see that the Status field is set to Verified and the Resolution field is set to Fixed.

    Verify defect is fixed

Closing the Story

About this task

Close the story:


  1. In the story, after you have verified that all related child work items are complete, from the Status list, select Complete Testing.
  2. Click Save. The Status field changes to Done.

    Close a story

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned how to complete these tasks:
  • Confirm that a story is done.
  • Close a story.
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