Lesson 1.5: Assess coverage

In this lesson, the team ensures that it covers the most important requirements that can be developed and tested for a sprint.

About this task

The planning phase is complete, so the team checks that these tasks are complete:

  • Each requirement has an implementation story and a test case linked to it.
  • Each story is linked to a requirement and a test case.
  • Each test case is linked to a story and a requirement.

These tasks are part of the planning meeting.

Note: This lesson illustrates how each role has a traceability view on the plan. The team lead can use one application to validate traceability.

After completing this lesson, you learn how to create a traceability view on a plan.

Assessing plan coverage

About this task

Assess plan coverage to ensure that the team is addressing the most important business requirements:


  1. In the web client, in the upper-left corner, click the Home menu icon. From the list, under Change and Configuration Management, click JKE Banking (Change Management).
  2. Log out as Tanuj.
  3. Log on by typing marco in User ID and marco in Password.
  4. From the Dashboard, click the Planning tab.
  5. On the Planning page, under the Current Plans widget, click BRM Sprint 2 (1.0) Plan [Sprint 2].
  6. From the View As list, select Traceability. Ideally, you confirm that all stories have an associated requirement(s), test case(s) successfully executed, and that the stories have no associated defects. In this case, there are some issues and you correct some of them.
  7. For story Allocate Dividends with Web Service, associate a requirement. Therefore, click Add Implements Requirement under Implements Requirement column.
  8. Use default selections and click OK.
  9. Use allocating filter to find Service for Allocating Dividends. Click OK.
  10. For the same story, click Add Tested by Test Case under the Tested by Test Case column.
  11. Select Create new to create a test case and then click OK.
  12. Name the test case Allocate Dividends with Web Service.
  13. Assign Tanuj as the Owner.
  14. For the Test Phase type, select Development Test.
  15. Click OK to create the test case.
  16. Click Save. The Failure color icon indicates that there are failed execution records, even though the last record successfully passed. This type of failure can occur if the same test case was executed against different platforms or browsers.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned how to create a traceability view on a plan.