Error messages overview

If you encounter an error message, you can find more information about it by searching for it in the help system. The error messages are typically displayed in alphabetical order of the message ID.
Messages are provided in either the log or the console window, depending on how the product is configured. If you experience problems with your deployment, application logging can potentially be used to self-diagnose the problem or used to provide the support organization with additional information about your problem. The log4j logging is configurable through Log messages are viewable through the console window, through rolling log files, or through a log feed accessible by:

Error message IDs are composed of a prefix, a number, and a message type. The prefixes are:

To get more information about an error message:

  1. In the error message, copy the message ID, which is a 10-character ID that is located with the error message.
  2. Open the help system by clicking Help > Help contents.
  3. Paste the message ID into the Search field. Click Search.