Creating streams in configuration-enabled projects

A stream is modifiable set of versioned artifacts. You can add, edit, and delete versions of artifacts in a stream. All team members who have access to the project area can access its streams.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you are familiar with project areas, components (if supported), baselines, streams, and change sets (if supported).
  • Ensure that you are logged in to a project area in an IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) application.
  • In configuration-enabled projects, you must have permission to create streams.
  • Quality Management (QM) application only: To exclude test results and test execution records when you create streams, set the corresponding configuration management preference. You might exclude them if the test results or test execution records from one project do not matter to another project.
  • Understand how your organization uses streams and baselines based on how many teams need to work in parallel on different versions of the same artifacts. To learn more, see Patterns for stream usage on

About this task

Multiple streams in a project area can contain a copy of the same artifact. Changing an artifact in your stream does not affect the same version of that artifact in other streams until other team members choose to bring your changes into their stream by using the Accept Incoming Changes operation (in the Requirements Management (RM) application) or the Merge Configuration operation (in the QM application).


  1. On the toolbar, click the current configuration name, and then click Create Stream.
  2. Follow the prompts.

    If your current configuration is a stream, a baseline of the stream is created automatically before creating the new stream. The new baseline has the same name as the new stream, with "Initial Baseline" appended. Then, the new stream is created from that baseline.


The new stream is populated with the artifacts of the baseline that it was created from.

What to do next

  • RM application only:
  • QM application only: To receive an email when artifacts are changed in specific streams, on the product banner click User Profile; then, in the My Preferences for Quality Management dialog box, click Change Notifications > Send an email notification and select the streams.

To find and switch to the new stream later, click Current Configuration on the toolbar and click Switch; then, in the search field of the Select the Configuration Context dialog box, enter an asterisk (*) to show all the streams.

If you have permission, you or a configuration lead for the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application might also add the stream to a global configuration, to provide a view of all the artifacts that are used in a version of your product or system.