Granting access to link validity data for building Report Builder reports

This topic applies only to the Requirements Management (RM) and Quality Management (QM) applications. For team members to create Report Builder reports about link validity, you must grant them permission to view data from the "JTS Link Validity Resources (TRS 2.0)" data group in the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) application.

Before you begin

About this task

Including link validity status or summary information in reports helps team members to determine which artifact contents and links to examine to ensure that the artifact contents meet the intended meaning of their link.

This procedure applies to the RM and QM applications.

To report on link validity status for linked artifacts from other IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications, team members can create reports by using IBM Rational® Publishing Engine. For details, see the related IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing (PUB) topic.


  1. Go to the LQE application administration page: https://host_name:port_number/jts/admin
  2. Click Administer Lifecycle Query Engine, and then click Permissions.
  3. In the Data Groups section, click JTS Link Validity Resources (TRS 2.0).
  4. Assign permission for the appropriate group or users. For details, see Managing user access to data sources in Lifecycle Query Engine.


Team members report on RM and QM link validity status by building SPARQL queries in Report Builder.

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