Showing where change sets were delivered

View the list of streams that contain a specific change set on the Changes Contained In tab of the change set editor.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you are familiar with project areas, components (if supported), baselines, streams, and change sets (if supported).
  • Ensure that you are logged in to a project.


  1. Open the change set in the change set editor.
    1. Click Administration Administration menu > Manage Components and Configurations.
    2. Optional: To view change sets in another component, click Browse Components > component_name.
    3. Click the stream that contains the change set to view.
    4. In the stream editor, click Change Sets.
    5. Use the icons above the table to filter how change sets are shown. Change sets can only be delivered to other streams after they were delivered to their own stream: click Select to include delivered change setsBlue triangle icon to show delivered change sets.
    6. Click a delivered change set (Shows a green upward-pointing arrow to the left of a blue triangle, indicating a delivered change set).
  2. In the change set editor, click the Changes Contained In tab.
    You see the all streams the change set was delivered to. Hover over a stream name to see more details.


If a change set is delivered to other streams, even as part of a stream-to-stream delivery, those streams are also shown.

What to do next

To complete tasks that are related to the change set, use the icons near the upper right above the table.

To resume working with resources, click a heading on the toolbar (Artifacts, Reviews, and so on).