Managing configuration details

You can open a local configuration to see related configurations, manage details, compare configurations, and create local configurations.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you are familiar with project areas, components (if supported), baselines, streams, and change sets (if supported).
  • Ensure that you are logged in to a project.


  1. On the toolbar, click Administration Administration menu > Manage Components and Configurations.
  2. Complete the steps depending on the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) application that you use:
    • Requirements Management (RM) application: Click a stream name.
      Tip: To go to another component, click the Browse Components breadcrumb link and click a stream name.
    • Quality Management (QM) application: In the left navigation pane, click Streams or Baselines.


The configuration editor opens. There are several things that you can do from this editor, depending on the ELM application that you use.

In the RM application:
  • To change the configuration name, click its name at the top of the page, type the new name, and then click Save.
  • To list the change sets, child streams, and baselines of this stream, click the corresponding tab name.
  • To change the description, click the Details tab, provide text that uniquely identifies the configuration, and then click Save.
  • See the icons near the upper right of the page for tasks that you can complete depending on the type of configuration you are viewing.
  • Where it exists, see the Actions menu Actions menu beside the configuration name for the tasks that you can complete.
  • For streams:
    • To view or edit artifacts for a stream, click Explore Stream.
    • To see which streams are derived from this stream, click the Streams tab. For each stream on the page, see the menu in the Actions column for actions that you can take.
    • To see which baselines were created from this stream, click the Baselines tab. Then, to view the baseline artifacts, click Actions > Explore Baseline.
In the QM application:
  • To view the details of a configuration, hover over its name in the table.
  • To change the configuration name or description, click its name in the table. Then, in the properties window, provide text that uniquely identifies the configuration, and click OK.
  • See the Actions menu Actions menu beside the configuration name for the tasks that you can complete.
  • To work with the artifacts in a configuration, click its name or click Actions > Switch to This configuration type.
  • See the controls above the table to change how the page is shown.

What to do next

To return to an ELM project area, click Home Menu Home Menu, and select the application and project area to return to. On the toolbar, verify that you are in the configuration that you want to work in. To switch configurations, click the configuration name.