Administering components in the RM application

In projects that are enabled for configuration management, as a configuration lead, you complete the tasks that are related to managing components for your project.

Before you begin

  • An RM project administrator must enable configuration management for the project.
  • You must be assigned the Configuration Lead role or have permission to manage components. On the Permissions page in the application administration section, see the Configuration Management group for the permissions related to managing components. Assign permissions based on the tasks that you must complete.

About this task

In addition to the tasks listed below, you can define team areas to control artifact creation and modification for specific components: see the Save Artifact and Save Link permission groups on the Permissions page in the application administration. You might do this to maintain strict control over changes to an artifact type's definition and the definitions of the artifact's attributes. For example, you might give Authors specific permissions for Components A, B, and C in a project:
  • Authors can create user requirements in Component A
  • Authors cannot create system requirements in Component B, but they can modify the public tags and the content of system requirements
  • Authors can modify actors in Component C
For all other permissions, the settings apply to all the components in a project; you can't apply them to specific components.

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