Server settings for configuration management

Understand and change link caching settings to suit how your team uses configurations.

Local configurations in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications are managed separately from global configurations, however, settings in the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application affect what team members see when they use configurations.

Global configuration server settings

Caching of links between global configurations and local configurations

Team members can lose their global configuration context when they click a project area link from the Home menu if the project area has been removed from a global configuration but the configuration isn’t updated yet. They cannot see or link to artifacts in other ELM local configurations.

By default, the links are updated asynchronously every 5 seconds.

To reduce unexpected results, consider changing the caching in the GCM application. Open the Advanced Properties > Global Configuration SDK section:
  • Use synchronous caching to ensure that team members see the latest links between global and local configurations.

    Set the Synchronous global configuration caching property to true. With this option, performance might be slower, especially if the GCM application is running on a remote server and the network latency from the application servers to the GCM server is high.

  • Use asynchronous caching with a delay of less than 5 seconds, which is typically more efficient than synchronous caching but might not eliminate unexpected results for team members.

    Set the Global configuration cache update task fixed delay (seconds) property to a lower value; however, a delay of less than 5 seconds results in more background processing even when the contributions in the global configuration have not changed.